My Bad Romance

So, I write romance stories that I publish as erotica, which is kind of tricky for me, because when I think of erotica, I tend to think of stories with light plot that mostly revolve around kinky sex. I LIKE those kinds of stories, but I don’t know that mine necessarily fall into that category.I … More My Bad Romance

Confession: I’m not really into the bondage thing.

‘m neither submissive or dominant. I neither want to be tied up, or do the tying. In a world of alphas and betas, I’m an omega who totally gets off on the vanilla shit as easily as the hardcore stuff. It’s probably just laziness on my part, or the fact that it’s just crazy easy for me to have multiple orgasms from the missionary position alone, which requires little to no effort on my part. … More Confession: I’m not really into the bondage thing.