I Need More Hours in the Day


I’ve been busier than Annabel Chong in World’s Biggest Gangbang. I’ve been writing like crazy. I’ve published one novel, submitted a short story to an anthology (which was apparently rejected without so much as a “you-suck-lose-my-email-address-and-don’t-quit-your-day-job”), which I’m about to self-publish, along with two other things I’m working on at the same time, one of which is so good, that I may try to pitch it to a literary agent. My brain is in overdrive, and I really should be doing something work-related right now, but I miss my silly little blog.

I also pretty much live on Twitter for at least an hour a day, because there are literally thousands of awesome human beings out there trying to get published, and I want to read everything that every single one of them has written. In the last two weeks, I’ve probably added fifty free book samples to my Kindle. Now I just need to stop playing hashtag games and actually get to reading. I love it, though. Anything writing-related, count me in.

One thing I’m noticing among my Tweeps, is that there’s a lot of advice about how to finish a book, and while I’m far from a successful, award-winning novelist, I think I’ve got the how-to down pat:

  1. Sit down in front of your computer, or yes, even your typewriter, you fucking hipster, or even just with a legal pad and pen.
  2. Write that shit, and try not to worry about how much it sucks. Of course it sucks. That’s what revisions are for.
  3. Finish it and put it down for a little while. I think Stephen King suggests like three months or something crazy like that in On Writing , but I think it’s just whatever amount of time you need to gain some perspective in order to make necessary changes.
  4. Stop watching TV and playing on the fucking internet all the time. No, I haven’t seen Game of Thrones, or any of the other thousands of amazing and diverting things that are out there in the world, chipping away at our time. I’ve all but given up my personal Twitter and Facebook pages. Friends are calling to see if I’ve died. The thing is, if you’re sleeping, eating, and adulting in general, you’re lucky to get three hours a day to just do whatever you want. Personally, I use pretty much all of that time for writing-related activities, and I try to set aside Sunday for goofing off in between washing and folding laundry. I mean, I usually end up reading or writing, but occasionally, I’ll binge watch Netflix, go get coffee with a friend,or just stare off into space, or whatever my brain can handle.

And that’s pretty much it. Better writers could probably give better advice, but I just write smut, so don’t expect too much in the worldly wisdom department unless it involves interesting ways to describe a penis. An even better bet would be to find other writers out there, who love to share their experiences and tips. I’ve gained so much from just chatting with people who love to write. This site, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler-they’re everywhere, and you will never learn enough from them about what it takes to be good at what you love.


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