How Are Women STILL Embarrassed to Buy Condoms?!

So, I’m watching a little Adult Swim the other night in my hotel room, and I see this commercial for Trojan’s new XOXO condoms…..

xoxo condoms

In case you don’t already know, these are basically a new line of condoms geared towards female buyers, which, okay. I’m not against making things look feminine and decorative. I’ll probably try them out myself. What irks me is, when I was watching the promo video, one of the key selling points was basically, ” Now we can BOTH buy condoms without feeling embarrassed.”

Okay, society, WHAT.THE.ACTUAL.FUCK?

I’m not saying you’re less of a woman if you choose not to shout out your sexual escapades from the rooftops, and yeah, I get that buying rubbers from the leering teenage boy behind the checkout counter who’s giving you that “I know what YOU’RE about to do” expression while the little old lady in line behind you is staring at you like you’re a total hooker can be awkward. I get that it’s weird, but it SHOULDN’T be.

It really just pisses me off when the world at large tries to make me feel bad for doing something that I enjoy when it doesn’t hurt anyone. It makes me want to go into a grocery store, grab the biggest box of Magnums I can find, take them up to the cashier and ask them if it’s possible to order the economy size in neon blue. I mean, I WON’T, because then I’d embarrass the teenage boy, and even though he kinda deserves it for being all up in my business, that’s not how I roll. But, I think about it really hard when he’s giving me that look that I answer with a shit-eating grin and a wink.

Nothing changes overnight, I know, and we’ve come a long way, but it’s still something to work on. Buy the box of pretty girl condoms, but for the love of Pete, don’t do because you’re embarrassed. You’re doing a good thing, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it, ever.

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